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Our Mission

Our commitment is to empower students to flourish by providing tools for personal and academic success and to challenge students to live and learn deliberately. We promise to foster a safe environment, open to free expression, that cultivates internal growth and development, creating a culture of intellectual curiosity, social support, and personal accountability. Finally, we support a collaborative and diverse community within ETSU and beyond that is bound by our fundamental values of trust, respect, and acceptance.

Our Values

In the CASE, we prize respect, intellectual inquiry, integrity, growth, and collaboration among students, advisors, faculty, and administrators.

Our Services

CASE advisors and staff encourage our students’ personal and academic growth through individual counseling, seminars and workshops, oversight and support of student organizations, first year experience classes, guest lecturers, and professional school recruitment events.

We work with freshmen, sophomores, and new transfer students in all majors within the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as students pursuing admission to professional school in the health care fields. Use the Find Your Major Advisor menu above to find more information on advisement for the program you’re most interested in.

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Center for Advisement and Student Excellence (CASE). As you make the transition from high school or your transfer college to ETSU, you have the support of nine full-time professional advisors and four graduate assistants. Through a combination of workshops and seminars, guided activities, and individual counseling, our advisors will both challenge and support you, help you reflect on your academic and career plans, and make recommendations and referrals to help you navigate the hundreds of decisions you make as a fledgling college student and budding professional.

We look forward to working with each of you, learning about your aspirations, and watching you grow into strong, thoughtful, curious, and ethical citizens and leaders in the ETSU campus community.

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