The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at ETSU, until very recently known as the Department of Mathematics, was one of the original departments formed in 1911 when East Tennessee State Normal School, now ETSU, was created.  We are a vibrant teaching and research unit in which shared governance is the norm.   Our mission encompasses teaching and research in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education.  Our research strengths are in Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Computation, and Statistics.  We currently have on board twenty-one tenured or tenure-track faculty members whose responsibilities typically include both teaching and research.  We also employ three lecturers, five adjunct faculty, and several graduate assistants whose primary role is teaching.

We offer a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and two Master’s degrees:  The MS in Mathematical Sciences, and the MS in Mathematical Sciences, Pre-Collegiate Teaching Concentration (the latter is offered only as a cohort program).   We currently have 138 undergraduate majors (16 FR, 30 SO, 31 JR, 61 SR), each enrolled in one of four concentrations – Computational and Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mathematical Sciences, and Statistics; and 28 graduate students pursuing their MS degrees.  We offer a minor in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. We currently have 16 undergraduate minors.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics draws its strength from

  • A student population of stable size, with several good students;
  • The increasing quality of, and increasing faculty participation in, undergraduate research (which is mandatory for all majors);
  • The visibility that our extramural funding brings to the program;
  • A faculty that effectively manages to meet the demands of research, teaching, and service;
  • A policy of distributed administrative workloads and shared governance in the department;
  • Acknowledgment and support from the administration for all that we do; and our collegiality and action-oriented mindset allows us to work together, rapidly implementing change.
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