Program Purpose

The Leadership Studies Minor provides

  • An interdisciplinary program for all students
  • A program designed to enhance your understanding of leadership
  • An opportunity to begin or continue the journey of your leadership development
  • A catalyst that draws students and faculty together
  • A curriculum composed of leadership competencies, community experiences, and a portfolio

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  1. Knowledge of self through an intense journey of personal awareness and feedback
  2. Foundational understanding of the historical development of leadership theories and their application today
  3. Ability to act within your core values and align an organization’s purpose and culture to its core values
  4. Knowledge of organizations and the development of social systems
  5. Ability to create a clear mission and vision
  6. Knowledge of cultural differences and their influence on social systems
  7. Skill development in leading change, establishing a culture of excellence, and transformational leadership
  8. Ability to present and persuade
  9. Ability to execute your highest priority

Course Requirements

To graduate with a Leadership Studies Minor you will need to complete 21 credits and a portfolio.

One 3 credit course is required for each of the following content areas:

  1. Personal Effectiveness
  2. Organizational Development
  3. Presentation and Persuasion
  4. Ethics
  5. Social Justice
  6. Diversity
  7. Application of Leadership Theory

Portfolio Requirements

The Leadership portfolio consists of the following items

  1. Completion of a 20 hour service project with a leadership component; reflection paper required.
  2. The assessment results of the Strengths Finder Assessment.
  3. Service as a campus or community leader for one year in a structured organization; reflection paper required.
  4. Three reference letters which include comments about your demonstrated leadership ability.
  5. Three visits with a community leadership mentor; reflection paper required.
  6. The completion of a Leadership Development Summary Plan.
Subj Crse Sec Title Days Time Location
LEAD5501301Strat. for Pers. Prod. and Eff04:00 pm-07:00 pmTBA