he Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program is proud to introduce a new graduate concentration in Regional and Community Studies for Fall 2012. Firmly rooted in the approach and values of interdisciplinarity, this concentration gives students the unique opportunity to explore the history and heritage, problems and potentials of Appalachia and the American South and other communities and regions as they may desire. They are educated to support the quality of life in various localities, to foster the development of communities and neighborhoods, and to lead the realization of the bright dreams of communities and regions.

Why Choose the Graduate Concentration in Regional and Community Studies within the MALS Program?

  1. Regional and Community Studies provides students with the broad and integrative knowledge and skills that make them highly qualified employees in not-for-profit organizations that serve community needs, in national and international human service agencies, community service organizations, and chambers of commerce, and in various federal, state and local agencies. The concentration also prepares students for further graduate work in various doctoral and professional programs.
  2. Students are able to select available courses from various disciplinary departments in order to build an organic, individualized program of study focusing on the communities and regions of their choice. Students may choose an elective track in  Appalachian and Southern Studies, Community Studies, or Hispanic Community.
  3. Through the MALS concentration in Regional and Community Studies, students are prepared to proceed with outreach and professional work, applied research, and further graduate study in areas such as
  • Appalachian and Southern Studies
  • Social Work
  • Community Sociology
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Community and Regional Development
  • Community and Regional Administration
  • Community and Regional Resources Management
  • Planning and Social Service
  • Education and Community
  • Family and Community, and
  • Experiential Learning, Area Studies, and Language.
Subj Crse Sec Title Days Time Location
COBH4030934Community HealthTBACOURSE ONLINE
COBH4607934Gerontol & HealthTBACOURSE ONLINE
COBH5110MP2Commty Hlth Assessment ReshR04:00 pm-06:50 pmCOURSE ONLINE
COBH5130MP2Consltg/Implementng Hc & ServM04:00 pm-06:50 pmCOURSE ONLINE
COBH5900MP2Grant DevelopmentF09:00 am-11:50 amCOURSE ONLINE